The planning and execution of intrusive testing for before and during litigation is so specialized, RE has developed an entire division dedicated to such testing and documentation. Since 2001, RE has become an intrusive testing leader with a highly sought-after team.



RE's Intrusive Testing Division offers the following services:

• SRT and Moisture Content

• Building Envelope Testing

• Window & Door Testing

• Roof Testing

• Civil Testing (including perimeter drain locates)

• Complete Put-Back

• Extensive Documentation

• Fact and Expert Witness Testimony

• Board of Director & Homeowner education and communication to ensure complete customer satisfaction

• Attorney-reviewed document subpoena response


Intrusive Testing Team

RE assigns a specific team dedicated to the entire project starting from the initial request to the final site walk. Your assigned team, which consists of a senior account manager, project manager, superintendent and trained reconstruction professionals, will work directly with the engineering and architectural experts to set up and conduct tests, complete all put-back and handle all communication with the community both directly with homeowners and public postings. This entire process is thoroughly documented. Reconstruction Experts provides a level of professionalism and expertise during this critical point in your case that you can count on.


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