Project Specs
Type of Reconstruction: Litigation Repair
Cost of Repair: $11 Million
Building Make-up: Stucco & Brick, 3 buildings, 4 stories
Community pool remodel
Building envelope removal & replacement
Station at Riverfront Community Pool Area
Window removal & replacement
Full Project Description

• Roof repairs due to improper penetrations
• Full removal and replacement of stucco
• Replacement of damaged OSB
• Structural repairs consisting of sheer wall repairs
• Fenstration repairs consisting of full window removal and replacement of the windows with proper flashings
• Patio door removal and installation of pan flashings and proper waterproofing
• Installation of proper waterproofing system for building envelope
• Intrusive Testing
   - Multiple phases of intrusive testing that included building envelope, interior drywall tests, baseboards and trim, ASTM.