Cherry Grove East II is located in Aurora and is a condominium community and it made up of 12 buildings and 288 units.

Project Specs
Type of Reconstruction: General Reconstruction
Cost of Repair: $4 Million
Cost of Roofing: $400,000
Full Project Description

 In early 2008, Reconstruction Experts was awarded with the reconstruction contract for $4 Million. Some of the repairs that were completed for the project are listed above; however, each reconstruction project has a uniqueness that requires experience and creativity. For Cherry Groove East II, it was the extensive roof repairs and debris containment from those repairs. The repairs called for an entire roof replacement. Considering the property is a multifamily property with common areas used by all of the residents, the removal of the roof had to be dealt with very carefully to prevent any injury from roof debris. Reconstruction Experts in mobilizing set up specic areas for debris to be removed from the roof restricting access to all homeowners ensuring the safety of the property and all of its residents and visitors.

• Building Envelope Repairs
   - Installation of Building Paper (Siding & Brick)
   - Window Flashing
   - Balcony Repairs
• Roof Repairs
• Concrete Repairs
• Asphalt Repairs
• Regrading Drainage
• Landscaping Repairs
• Microbial Remediation