Project Specs
Type of Reconstruction: Construction Defect Repair
Cost of Repair: $4 Million
Full Project Description

The owners at Chamberlin Heights selected RE as their repair contractor because of their intimate knowledge of occupied spaces.  It is a 3 building, 4 story multifamily and commercial space containing 57 residential and 4 commercial units. In 2010, REconstruction Experts was awarded the contract to repair the community. The plaza deck repairs included removing the elevated walkways, which was the only access for 2 levels of the building; meaning some of the owners, for fire safety purposes, had to be relocated. One of the most challenging yet rewarding aspects of Chamberlin Heights was configuring the staging of the site and maintaining an effective commercial atmosphere. We are proud to say that due to our extensive preconstruction phase and team work with SB SA, the project is on-time and within budget and most importantly the tenants are extremely pleased with the work.

• Cladding Repairs
   - Removal & replacement of stucco systems
   - Removal & replacement of brick veneer system
   - Installation of moisture management systems
• Fenestrations
   - Removal and re-flashing of windows
   - Removal of doors and installation of pan flashings
• Deck Membranes
• Roof Repairs
• Parking Garage
   - Removal & replacement of PT slab expansion joint
• Structural
• Intrusive Testing
   - Multiple phases of intrusive testing that included stucco, concrete removal, ASTM, sound testing.