Project Specs
Type of Reconstruction: Roof Replacement
Cost of Repair: $380,000
Full Project Description

In 2010, RE was hired to write a cost of repair estimate and be the expert witness for Chadwick Place. The HOA is on the mountain and is located in a very tight restricted area, with residence and tenants occupying the community. Once settled, Reconstruction Experts worked with the HOA and property manager to prioritize the work and establish a budget and schedule for the work to be completed for the 3 buildings in 2012. The work included roof repairs, heat tape installation, siding, and attic ventilation. After the project was finished Reconstruction Experts came in on budget with great success. The HOA was pleased with the quality of work and extreme attention to detail that Reconstruction Experts provided.

• Removal of Wood Shake Shingles
• Installation of Presidential TL Shingles
• Stucco, Siding & Stone R&R to Accommodate Proper Flashing of Roofs
• Custom Crickets & Metal Flashing
• Attic Insulation Improvements
• Metal Roof Repairs
• Heat Cable Repair and Installation