Carriage Gate is located in Littleton, CO and consists of 56 units.

Project Specs
Type of Reconstruction: General Reconstruction
Cost of Repair: $8.8 Million
Full Project Description

In late 2008, Reconstruction Experts was chosen to repair the community. Some of the repairs that were completed for the project are listed above; however, each reconstruction project has a uniqueness that requires experience and creativity. The building envelope repairs called for complete removal and replacement. For the mobilization of this repair, the building was to be surrounded in scaffolding. This presented a challenge for the homeowners in that the access to their homes as well as their garages were altered due to the scaffolding surrounding their buildings. The reconstruction team worked with each individual homeowner throughout the entire project to ensure that the intrusion to their lives was as minimal as possible by coordinating schedules and communicating all aspects of the building envelope repairs.

• Cladding repairs
   - Removal & replacement of stucco systems
   - Installation of moisture management systems
   - Window replacement & flashing
• Roof repairs
• Concrete repairs
• Structural repairs