The 40 Madison Condominium Building is a three story building consisting of 27 residential units and a lower level parking garage located in Denver, CO.

Project Specs
Type of Reconstruction: General Reconstruction
Cost of Repair: $985,000
Property Make-up: 3 Story Building and Lower Level Parking Garage
Full Project Description

In 2011, Reconstruction Experts was awarded the contract to repair the community. The owners at 40 Madison selected RE as their repair contractor because of their intimate knowledge of occupied spaces. The 2 main objectives that were addressed was water infiltration into the building, and structural concerns with the decks. We are proud to say that due to our extensive preconstruction phase and team work with Davis Engineering Consultants, the project is on-time and within budget and most importantly the residents are extremely pleased with the work.

• Exterior Facade
• Deck Framing
• Roof Repairs
• Flashing Repaires
• Waterproofing